Hedgehog? God? Author? We don’t know.

In the poem Hedgehog, by Paul Muldoon, the snail is referred to as a floating hovercraft due to its rubber cushion. Like most hovercrafts they are floating. The snail appears to be floating thanks to its personal hovercraft body. The hedgehog in this poem is not open for any discussion. The hedgehog keeps to himself and trusts no one with his secret. In this poem, it is not clear what the snail or hedgehog represents. The hedgehog is resembled to God by the line “under this crown of thorns”(1)? At the end of the poem, it seems as if it is referring to an untrustworthy world due to the hedgehogs spikes. The hedgehog does not trust anyone and sure as heck is not going to share his secrets with anybody. Why does the hedgehog hold this grudge? We do not know. God made the hedgehog this way. What/Who is the hedgehog supposed to represent? God?


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Shitty First Drafts Aren’t So Shitty After All

In the writing, Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lamott, she mentions even the best of the best writers start with terrible first drafts. Whether you are professional or not, the first draft will be far from perfect. Anne Lamott believes in order to produce perfect writing, it is crucial that you start off with a shitty first draft. Anything that comes to mind is important to put down on the paper because it may not come back up in your thoughts when you need it. After the draft is finished, begin to tone it down and go into more detail on the topics you are writing of. There are three main phases to building the perfect paper. The first phase is the getting it all down phase. Be sure to get everything that comes to your mind down on the piece of paper. The second phase is the fixing it up part. This is when you want to go into more detail. The third phase is the dental phase. You want to go back and fix any loose teeth that may cause cavities in your writing.





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Where can we hide?

Garrison Keillor’s post in the Washington Article was clearly set out there to prove a statement about Donald Trump. Clearly he belives that if Trump is elected president we are better off moving out of the country. Through experience Keillor knows what it is like living in a part of the world where Americans seem to not be welcomed due to our politics. Copenhagen would have to be one of those places. Any country you flee to will not separate you from the Great White Snapper. He will be there. When going to another country, others will know that you are an American and they will hold it against you no matter what. Regardless the fact if you are a fan of Trump or not. When over seas, we stick out like sore thumbs. Our nationalities can not be mistaken and foreigners will take advantage of us especially if Trump is elected president of the United States of America.



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