Shitty First Drafts Aren’t So Shitty After All

In the writing, Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lamott, she mentions even the best of the best writers start with terrible first drafts. Whether you are professional or not, the first draft will be far from perfect. Anne Lamott believes in order to produce perfect writing, it is crucial that you start off with a shitty first draft. Anything that comes to mind is important to put down on the paper because it may not come back up in your thoughts when you need it. After the draft is finished, begin to tone it down and go into more detail on the topics you are writing of. There are three main phases to building the perfect paper. The first phase is the getting it all down phase. Be sure to get everything that comes to your mind down on the piece of paper. The second phase is the fixing it up part. This is when you want to go into more detail. The third phase is the dental phase. You want to go back and fix any loose teeth that may cause cavities in your writing.





Lamott, Anne. “Shitty First Drafts.” College of Arts & Sciences Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies. U of Kentucky, n.d. PDF. Your date of access (11 April 2016).


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