Hedgehog? God? Author? We don’t know.

In the poem Hedgehog, by Paul Muldoon, the snail is referred to as a floating hovercraft due to its rubber cushion. Like most hovercrafts they are floating. The snail appears to be floating thanks to its personal hovercraft body. The hedgehog in this poem is not open for any discussion. The hedgehog keeps to himself and trusts no one with his secret. In this poem, it is not clear what the snail or hedgehog represents. The hedgehog is resembled to God by the line “under this crown of thorns”(1)? At the end of the poem, it seems as if it is referring to an untrustworthy world due to the hedgehogs spikes. The hedgehog does not trust anyone and sure as heck is not going to share his secrets with anybody. Why does the hedgehog hold this grudge? We do not know. God made the hedgehog this way. What/Who is the hedgehog supposed to represent? God?


1.Muldoon, Paul. “Hedgehog.” Poetry Foundation. Poetry Foundation, n.d. Web. 17, April 2016.


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